A platform for Oracle Service Cloud tools and utilities

The CXDev Toolbox is an extensible platform for tools and utilities that support the management, maintenance and development of an Oracle Service Cloud site. Toolbox utilities and tools provide features to System Administrators and Developers that are either missing from the core platform or only possible through a lengthy custom development effort. The tool runs as a stand alone application on your desktop and accesses your Oracle Service Cloud site directly through the public Connect APIs. This direct API connection uses HTTPS to ensure that your data is protected, private and secure.


  • Secure

    The Toolbox is not a cloud solution; it installs directly on an agent's workstation using the same Click-Once installer technology used by the Oracle Service Cloud Agent Desktop. All communication with you site and data is done directly from the desktop using the Oracle Service Cloud SOAP API; this means that data never leaves your network or passes through a cloud-based service.

  • Time Saving

    Free up your Oracle Service Cloud expert staff to work on business-impacting efforts by using toolbox features to automate or accelerate maintenance tasks.

    Create Staff Accounts in a matter of minutes; Unlock staff accounts with a single click; Test ROQL queries without having to deploy code.

  • EXtensible

    Besides the core plugins that ship free with the Toolbox, you can load additional tools from both the CXDeveloper Store or create your own custom tools using the public Toolbox Plugin API.

    Need a plugin but don't have the development skills to create one? Contact 45 North Solutions for a quote on custom plugin development.


Account Importer Icon Account Unlock Icon ROQL Tester Icon PHP Stub Generator Icon

All version of the CXDev Toolbox include 4 free plugins.
To access the full library of plugins consider upgrading to a Pro Plan.

  • Account Importer

    One of the most requested missing features in Oracle Service Cloud – this utility creates Staff Accounts through a CSV file.
  • Account Unlock

    A tool for quickly viewing locked Staff Accounts. Unlock one or multiple accounts with a single click. Also allows for optional password resets.
  • ROQL Tester

    Run ad-hoc queries using the RightNow Object Query Language (ROQL). Supports both tabular and object type queries.
  • PHP Stub Generator

    Generate PHP stub classes w/ PHPDoc comments for OSC ConnectPHP Core Objects and Custom Business Objects
  • Marketplace Plugins

    Extend the capabilities of your toolbox by installing additional plugins from the CXDeveloper Store.
  • Custom Plugin API

    Need more functionality? Use the public Plugin API to create your own plugins. More information coming soon!

Unlock More Tools with the Pro Plan

The CXDev Toolbox Pro Plan(s) gives you access to a growing library of additional CXDev Toolbox Plugins for free. Plugins are released on a regular basis and are included with the subscription.

For the initial release, Pro Plan users have access to the Object Cleaner and Profile Migrator plugins. The Object Cleaner can quickly purge records from any object using a simple ROQL query. The Profile Migrator can move one or more Staff Accounts from one profile to another in a single click. Stay tuned for news on additional plugins and provide feedback to help inform the release roadmap.

Only interested in a single Plugin? Single plugin licenses can be purchased on an a-la-carte basis from the CXDeveloper store. Visit the individual plugin page for details and pricing.


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


CXDev Toolbox Basic

  • Perpetual license

  • Commercial use


CXDev Toolbox Pro: Individual - Yearly

  • Recurring every 1 year

  • Commercial use


CXDev Toolbox Pro: Individual - Lifetime

  • Perpetual license

  • Commercial use


CXDev Toolbox Pro: 10 Devices - Yearly

  • Recurring every 1 year

  • Commercial use


CXDev Toolbox Pro: 25 Devices - Yearly

  • Recurring every 1 year

  • Commercial use


CXDev Toolbox Pro: 50 Devices - Yearly

  • Recurring every 1 year

  • Commercial use


CXDev Toolbox Pro: 100 Devices - Yearly

  • Recurring every 1 year

  • Commercial use

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