Quickly Purge Any Record

Use a simple ROQL query to find unwanted records, then quickly purge them from your site.

Supports both custom and standard OSvC objects

ROQL queries for both standard and custom objects can be used. For example:

  • Remove all incidents created by a test user
    • SELECT ID, Subject
      WHERE CreatedByAccount = 6
      ORDER BY ID 
  • Remove every record from a custom object
    • SELECT *
      FROM Namespace.YourObject



  • Simple

    If ROQL can find it, the Object Cleaner can purge it.

  • Fast

    Uses batching and multiple threads to purge large groups of records at the same time

  • Stable

    If for some reason a set of data can't be deleted, simply rerun the query to find the remaining records


  • Query History

    Never forget your favorite queries. All successful queries are saved to the history. Important ones can be pinned to the top of the list. Unwanted ones are easy to remove.
  • Full Purge

    ROQL is limited to 20,000 records, but using the Full Purge feature every matching record will be found and removed.
  • Integration Triggers

    External Events and Business Rules can be set to be triggered as objects are purged, ensuring that your business runs as expected.


Installation Instructions

For instructions on how to install Plugins in the CXDev Toolbox, see the article Installing a CXDev Toolbox Plugin


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