CXDev Toolbox Release Notes

10/24/17 -

  • Updated supported WSDLs to include 1.4
  • New Connection Wizard UI (the old one is still included in the Common library for add-ins that use it) that will detect the proper SOAP URL for all sites. Will detect the new SOAP URL released in version 17.8 of OSvC

10/17/17 -

  • Added support for push notifications (in the ribbon)
  • Minor update to the ROQL Tester to allow it to copy the column headers with the rest of the data selected

9/9/17 -

  • Rewrote ROQLTester in WPF
  • ROQLTester now supports multiple queries separated by semicolons
  • Plugins that ship with the toolbox now run from their own directory instead of being copied into the directory configured by the user
  • Bug Fixes related to loading multiple versions of the same assembly
  • Can run multiple instances of the toolbox at once without major catastrophe

7/6/17 -

  • Default SOAP WSDL updated to 1.3 (sites older than 15.5 may experience connectivity issues)
  • Plugin Context includes IsActive flag to indicate if it is the foremost plugin
  • Plugin Context includes Toolbox version to allow plugins to adjust for older versions
  • Bug: if one plugin fails to load the toolbox shouldn't be effected
  • Enhanced usage stats
  • Site Version added to window header after login
  • Release Notes!