CXDev Toolbox Plugin: Profile Migrator

Migrate Staff Accounts between profiles with a single click

Migrate Staff Accounts between profiles with a single click

With the Profile Migrator plugin, an Administrator can migrate entire groups of Staff Account records from one profile to another in a single click. A process that sometimes took hours can now be accomplished in a matter of seconds

Make Configuration Changes Without Distrupting the Current Agent Experience 

When implementing new functionality for agents, it is common to create a copy of their existing profile and making and changes or enhancements to the copy. With this technique you can create copies of the existing Navigation Sets, Workspaces and other profile specific dependencies and implement the enhancements against the copies. Updates are made and tested without disrupting the the current agent experience. Once the enhancements have been tested and are ready for a go-live, it becomes a simple matter of moving each Staff Account from the old profile to the new profile.

Without the Profile Migrator tool, an administrator has to open every Staff Account record and individually change the profile and save the record. With the Profile Migrator plugin, this is a simple task that can be done in a single click. Simply select the Source Profile in the left-hand drop down list; select the Target Profile in the right-hand drop down list; select which accounts to move; and press the migrate button.


Installation Instructions

For instructions on how to install Plugins in the CXDev Toolbox, see the article Installing a CXDev Toolbox Plugin


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