CXDev Toolbox Plugin: Meta-Data Explorer

Uses meta data to describe the entire database. Data type, name, relationships, nullability and more are all displayed

Explore API Objects

Loads every exposed object for a site and presents it's data limitations in an easily exportable fashion. Useful for describing a database and also for creating complex ROQL queries.

Data Available

  • Object: The primary object that the field is associated with
  • Field: The name of the field
  • Type: The type of data being stored
  • Nullable: True if the field can be set to a null value
  • Max Length: Used for strings and ints/longs to determine the size of the field
  • Primary Key: True if the field is the primary key for an object
  • Foreign Key: True if the field creates a relationship to another object
  • Joins To: If the field is a Foreign Key then what it is joined to
  • Description: A human readable definition of the field's purpose


  • Export

    Copy and Paste to Excel
  • Up to date

    Uses live site data to determine structureFeature Three
  • Complete

    Includes out of the box objects but also custom fields, custom attributes and custom objects



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  • Perpetual license

  • Commercial use